TAA-The Tennessee Archery Association        TAA

NFAA-National Field Archery Association         NFAA

ASA-Archery Shooters Association              ASA

IBO-International Bowhunting Orginization   IBO

Shoot Archery                          Shoot Archery

TWRA-Region 4                                            TWRA

TWRA-Wild Watch,                                          Wild Watch

TWRA-Hunters Education                               Hunters Education

USAA-United States Archery                             USAA



RBH WinnerCongratulations to Robert Ogle winner of this years Rusty Broadhead Award

MeetingsSMA's buisness meeting is the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Get Together Every Tuesday is get together night, general public is welcomed to participate.

TargetsSMA has a 20 target 3D range and a 12 lane heated 20 yard indoor range available for public use. Download a .pdf of our outdoor range here.

Ten Commandments every Archer should follow! RBH Newsletter SMA's monthly news and updates.