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General Information

We are dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of all aspects of the bow and arrow. We offer a variety of target rounds for your enjoyment and can provide a wide range of expertise, from bow hunting to coaching.

Facilities & Services

We have available a full pro-shop for your archery equipment repair and maintenance:

  • Bow Press
  • Chronograph
  • Arrow Fletcher
  • Spine Charts
  • String Making Jig
  • Tuning Facilities

If you are unfamiliar with this equipment, our members will be glad to assist you.



TWRA gate fee: $8.00/2hrs


3D: $10.00 for 20 targets
No additional fees for use of other club facilities.



RBH Winner Congratulations to Robert Ogle winner of this years Rusty Broadhead Award

MeetingsSMA's buisness meeting is the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Get Together Every Tuesday is get together night, general public is welcomed to participate.

TargetsSMA has a 20 target 3D range and a 12 lane heated 20 yard indoor range available for public use. Download a .pdf of our outdoor range here.

Ten Commandments every Archer should follow! RBH Newsletter SMA's monthly news and updates.